Discover Smart Bidding, Digiteka’s comprehensive Header Bidding

Digiteka announce “Smart Bidding”. This header bidding technology allows publishers to significantly improve the user experience on site and optimises the monetisation of their video inventory.

01. Technology that guarantees your audience an optimised viewing experience for video:

With pre-fetching and Smart Bidding deployed in tandem, bidding and ads are prepared on page load. This means faster videos and an optimised user experience. Currently, over 75 SSPs are compatible with Smart Bidding (Google Ad Manager, Freewheel, SpotX, AppNexus and Amazon)

02. Better fill rates and more competitive CPMs:

Smart Bidding allows you compete your programmatic with direct sales. Access more demand sources without cannibalising your inventory.

03. Easy integration with superior results:

Smart Bidding is a turnkey implementation. Provided the publisher is deploying our Smart Player, they only need to request Header Bidding and our expert video teams take over. It’s a simple, effective and accessible implementation for all publishers.

Romain Février, Digital Monetization Director at Ouest-France:  “For in-stream video, we have deployed Digiteka’s Smart Bidding. This header bidding solution – managed by Digiteka – has allowed us with great ease to significantly increase our fill rate and our programmatic CPMs.”

Cédric Ambrugeat, Technical Director and Digiteka Co-founder : “Since founding Digiteka, we commit ourselves to helping publishers in their video strategy and meet their audience and monetisation needs. We are really proud to reveal Digiteka Smart Bidding, which is a major innovation in the online video market. The Smart Bidding execution is fast and allows immediate results on video inventory and commercial revenue of publishers”